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Another brick in the wall?

The journey begins when you are just a brick in the wall, but it escalates when you are that coloured brick. The idea of Odd Bhoot generated from being that colored brick which makes people stop in their tracks, turn their heads to watch it twice. Unleash your inner odd and look around you to find what is there for you in our store. We make sure your apparel is the ticket to your moody and foody day for all your colleagues and friends. You want to stand out and create the “very you” impression, don’t you? This store provides you with your kind of wardrobe where your fashion talks, where you need no introduction.

Why are we “Odd Bhoot”?

Not really as scary as half of the name contributed but we are definitely here to serve as the lemon to your mojito. From the daily lifestyle that has changed over the years, we encourage the millennial fashion revolution in this digital age. Odd Bhoot ensures that your choice resonates with our creations.“Your emotion, our creation” is our motto. The streetwear brand will serve as the sauce to your burger, cheese to your pizza, momo to your soup, jelly to your ice cream, the spices of your biriyani and the list goes on. It offers you the perfect style orgasm for your uniqueness and this is our responsibility to bring you to your table the latest trends in fashion making sure you can follow the odd in you.

Odd Bhoot - Store or Emotion?

Odd Bhoot has not only emerged in today’s culture with the Gen Z ideas and “moods of days” etched in your apparel, as trendy as you want to keep yourself updated with but also provides you with utmost satisfaction and comfort. In the era of collaborations, we love to blend and create a ‘perfect-day-perfect-mood’ in the form of our fabrics.

Our goals and mission:

We want to reach out to every soul who is unique in their own ways. From the streets of the city to the gallery of a stadium, from a Friday date to a Wednesday’s informal presentation, Odd Bhoot wants to serve you with our pocket-friendly merchandise. We listen to our oddities, our communities, our consumers, and their choices, and preferences with no compromise on the quality of our merchandise because we value their demand which blends with our creativity.

We want to reach nationwide. We believe we are growing daily. Our mission is to reach out globally, to every odd soul out there with our odd-ness.

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